What You Can Do About Stretch Marks

Do you have stretch marks? Basically, the stretch marks on your body will not change any condition. However, some people still think that stretch marks are not good for their looks. They cannot wear any kind of clothes since the stretch marks will be revealed. The solution is a tretinoin cream for stretch marks.

Have you ever heard about the tretinoin? It is kind of a cream which is so effective to reduce wrinkles and acne. Some people even used the tretinoin for their stretch marks. However, you still need to get a recommendation from a doctor to use this kind of medication. It is stronger than retinol.

Step by Step to Apply the Tretinoin Cream for Stretch Marks

Although the tretinoin is highly effective for acne and wrinkles, a lot of doctors recommended this kind of cream for people who have problems with their stretch marks. Here is step by step for applying tretinoin cream for stretch marks:

  • Make Sure that Your Skin is Clean and Dry

For the first step, you need to clean off your skin and make sure that there is no water or others on it. It helps the cream to absorb well. Just apply them on the small amount as your doctor’s recommendation.

  • Apply Them Routinely

You will not have an instant result. That is why you need to treat your stretch marks routinely by applying the tretinoin cream well.

Side Effects of Using the Tretinoin Cream Stretch Marks

Basically, there is no harmful side effect for using this kind of cream. However, your skin will be peeling off during the treatment. It is a common one since your skin will exfoliate the dead skin. Moreover, the tretinoin cream for stretch marks will interact with other drugs like resorcinol. Sulfur or salicylic acid so that you need to be careful.